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Tracer T-Band Libra S5

Tracer T-Band Libra S5
  • Tracer T-Band Libra S5
  • Tracer T-Band Libra S5
  • Tracer T-Band Libra S5
  • Tracer T-Band Libra S5

Termék ára
5 700 Ft
Termék kosárba helyezése
1 db
105 g/db
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Tracer T-Band Libra S5
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iOS kompatibilis Igen
Android kompatibilis Igen
Windows kompatibilis Nem
Üzemidő 2-4 nap
Wi-Fi Nem
Bluetooth Igen
GPS Igen
Gyroscope Nem
SIM foglalat Nem
Pulzusmérő Igen
Gyorsulásmérő Nem
Üzenet és hívás kezelése Igen
Mikrofon Nem
Alvás figyelés Nem
Magasságmérő Nem
Elégetett kalória kijelzés Igen
Zene vezérlése Nem

TRACER T-Band Libra S5 is new device from the "smart wearables" line, which will come in handy both in summer and winter, among those who value sports and modern technologies. This is a smart band of the latest generation, which boasts a minimum price and maximum possibilities. The device works on iOS and Android, and connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

Running comrade
Libra S5 lets you arrange many healthy measurements and check-ups, and above all: pulse and blood pressure. This is a useful function for physically active people as well as for all those who care about their health and well-being. The band will also save the distance of your walk and calories burned, and if it decides that you haven’t moved for too long - it will suggest you when to get up from the desk or the couch. The sleep monitor will also allow you to check if your body is properly regenerating at night.

Phone on a wrist
T-Band Libra S5 enables you to read notifications and text messages directly from the band's screen. You can choose from a range of applications and allow them to show notifications on the T-Band. Run, explore, walk! –and stay up-to-date with your social media. Libra S5 will also notify you about the incoming voice call, even if the phone is deep down in the depths of the shopping bag.

Life gets easy
With the help of the band you can personalize your training goals and track your progress. It will plan alarms and notifications with you. It will help you manage your time - day and night. It works on the battery for about 6 days, and it is charged from the USB port pulled directly from the T-Band. It is therefore the maximum convenience for each user.

Tecnica Data
Battery (mAh): 100 mAh
Bluetooth: 4.0
Pamięć RAM (MB): 32
Internall memory: 32
Capacity (mAh): 100
Ports: Micro USB
Warranty (months): 24
Blood pressure monitoring: Yes
Screen: LCD 0.96 inch, 80*160 pix
Incoming call reminder: YES - vibrations
Message reminder: Yes
Time: Yes
G-sensor: Yes
3D sensor: Yes
Heart rate: Yes
Blood oxygen: Yes
Anti-loss: Yes
Standby time: around 6 days
APP: Lefun Health
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